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    I really need some help here.
    I bought PALM PRE QWERTZ (for EU) and use it in INDONESIA.

    1. Does anyone have experience that can be shared?
    How to use APP CATALOG?

    2. How to Sync between MAC _PC (thru VM WARE) to PALM PREE.
    thx a lot
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    oic, so it means i can only use the basic feature then?
    what a shame.

    any program to over come this issue?
    thanks in advance
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    I'm not experienced in this field, but does MetaDoctor resolve this issue with the App Catalog?

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    App Catalog works in indonesia. You can grab free app with no problem, but you can't buy the app due to App Catalog only limited for credit card from specific country.

    To make App Catalog works outside US, you just need to flash rom using custom rom or cooked rom using metadoctor, then change the carrier, then back flash it to original rom. Create Palm Profile, then you can run Palm Pre with App Catalog and Autoupdate works!

    About QWERTZ, I remember there is a patch to change it become QWERTY even yes you can't change the button

    Sync to MAC... you can try missing sync.. if I'm not wrong, it is free at App Catalog.

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