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    A couple of days ago, Palm released an app (apparently exclusive on o2 UK), called Get Social. The app has listings of various things to go do and see across the UK (festivals and big events, but also recommendations for bars and exhibitions); looks like Palm and/or o2 might be making a little more effort in the UK. We also had a big full page ad in the Metro the day after iPhone 4's launch...

    While I was browsing through the listings, I noticed that in the listings for the upcoming gay pride festivals in Brighton and Glasgow, in the description Palm said they'd be there (in Glasgow, specifically with their own stand somewhere or other) to give out freebies.

    Might be worth swinging by those events (you don't need tickets for either as far as I'm aware) to see what Palm's giving out, if you live near either...
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    what sort of freebies can we expect at a palm stall?
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    Well I'm just sitting watching the Palm Woman in a Red dress advert in the advert break of Desperate Housewives in the UK

    First time I've seen it.

    I've also seen full page and half page Palm pre plus and palm pixi plus adverts in major newspapers

    And features in the tech/new gadget sections of a men's magazine (not that kind!!!).

    Looks like there is a bit of a Palm push in the UK
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    I was in my O2 store (Belfast) and they said that the Palm rep had been in the other day. Not sure what to read into this or what the Palm rep actually does, but still thought it was interesting.


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