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    That's what happened to my never patched Pre Plus. The battery used to be able to last through 30-36 hours, suddenly it was a challenge to last through the day. My clicks did not seem to register, suddenly they would all execute. Answering a call took a few swipes. The phone was very annoying.

    I erased all apps and data (from the backup/recovery app.) Then as it was re-downloading the apps, I deleted the ones I never used and voilla. The phone is back to normal. Yes I had to re-enter all the passwords, but all my emails got re-downloaded, all photos stayed and the phone is back to normal... except I'm getting more double presses than I used to (I almost never got them.) Might be a hardware issue with the keyboard.
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    I always found my phone laggier and had a worse battery life than my girlfriends phone. The only difference was the amount of apps I had, I probably had 3 times as many. That was the only real difference, both had the same patches, similar usage etc
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    My PRE started acting up last week, even when I Doc'd it...
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    I experienced a speedup after deleting a significant number of apps I no longer use, and came to the conclusion that the number of apps (more likely the amount of space used) can affect performance. I don't know if it's a swap thing or what. I keep my installed list of apps really tight now, if I don't use it a lot it's gone.

    Keeping less email in any given account also greatly improves speed. I reduced my Exchange from a month to 3 days and it really made a big difference.
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    The new Pre I got yesterday was slower than dirt. Watching apps open was like watching someone moving in slow motion. It was like someone had slowed webOS to half it's speed. Compache didn't fix it. Hyper Glow on the flash cards didn't fix it.

    The only thing that did was turning logging off. Then it was my amazing super fast Pre again.

    And yes, this was after I'd installed everything, resynced, and restarted numerous times.
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    how many charge cycles has your battery been throug. Eventually they wear out. I've also read that letting them run all the way to empty can damage lithium polymer batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    how many charge cycles has your battery been throug. Eventually they wear out. I've also read that letting them run all the way to empty can damage lithium polymer batteries.
    Our phones (and almost every other phone in the world) have lithium-ion batteries, but you are correct if you are speaking about lithium-ion batteries

    To everyone else: Your phone may speed up from deleting the number of apps due to services the apps create or use. It has NOTHING to do with space used unless the space used on your phone is nearly full.

    Services use your RAM and CPU which is why you may experience a slowdown. Please do not just delete apps and hope for the best. Only delete (or don't use) apps that will create a service and run until you restart your phone. Eg. Twee
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    My Pre got laggy and noticed battery getting drained a bit faster, I restarted it daily, which fixed the lag a little... but I deleted the call history list, which was about 2 months old and pretty long... from the browser: deleted the history, cache and so forth... and my phone was back to normal. someone had a post about doing these things to stop the lagginess and it worked for me...
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    meh, didnt help much for me...
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    I would suggest doing a webos repair utility. Work great for my pre. I also use webos doc when my phone being a little unresponsive. They both work fine for both models. Palmpre/Palmpre plus.

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