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    So this is my 4th Palm Pre...really don't ask. Screen, slider, everything is MINT! This evening I turn on the Navigation...can't get a GPS Signal? Err uh ok, sky looks clear to me, I know I've used it in this area numerous times. All evening I keep trying, sometimes it works, but it never works after the initial direction, doesn't update where I'm going, and eventually complains "weak GPS signal". Google Maps does something similar, it's horrible at pinpointing where I am (it can be anywhere to 1/2 mile off) and takes forever to update my location and again, isn't that accurate. A google search resulted in me reading something on another forum about people thinking it may be software but...why just this one and why now?

    Anyone have any ideas? Should I bring back to the sprint store and get yet ANOTHER?
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    My GPS has always been off by a few blocks but Sprint Nav seemed to always be dialed in. However, it does have issues at times and a full restart always fixes it for me.. .
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    my sprint nav has never let me down,,who know maybe I am just in a great location but it works great.
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    I've tried pulling the battery, you name it. This issue is consistent, unfortunately. I've updated everything, you name it. Hardware tests came back as a pass, but I don't know if that tests GPS.
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    Yup. My GPS and WiFi receptors are both horrible.
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    Do you notice the same? GPS Navigation almost always complains weak signal, google maps updates once every few minutes, etc?

    All my other Pre's were perfect, this wasn't even an issue I thought of...until today with this one. GAH!
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    Maybe try that GPS Wrestler app.
    I read some good reviews about it.

    It supposedly tries to get you a GPS fix using four different methods with an easy interface.
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    Sorry to hear you have issues. Mine works flawlessly, to be honest I was surprised how well it worked as I have not had much luck with things such as this in the past.
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    I think your having the same problem I had. The GPS turns itself off despite the UI saying it's on. What I had to do is go to the location services app-->the app menu--> 'locate me using'--> then uncheck GPS and google services. Now reboot the phone. When it comes back on, go back to the app and check GPS and leave google services unchecked. Everything should work now.

    I got this trick from the forums
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    My Sprint Pre is working today. I just got a fix inside my house.
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    GPS failure on the Pre (Sprint) has been an issue for me (and my daughter) since day one back when we got ours in mid-June 09. A reboot always "fixes" it, but only for a day or two.
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    My Sprint GPS is accurate (just checked) and my Sprint Nav works great (use it daily).
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    My Sprint nav has worked fine for me until last week when I was trying to drive through Jersey City for the first time. It would give me an instruction and then tell me I was off course in the next breath. Good thing I have a good sense of direction.
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    Yep mine is most certainly dead. The app and fix did not work. Going back to the store. All the other Pre's I've had never had this issue.
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    Same here sprint navigator is always off by at least a few houses for me,
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    My GPS also does not work. I am trying the suggestion from Mhunterjr. Thanks.
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    I read Mhunterjr's post with interest as I also have problems with Sprint Nav. Can anyone tell me what "Google Services" in "Locate me using..." does? What will I lose if I uncheck it etc.? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre in MN View Post
    I read Mhunterjr's post with interest as I also have problems with Sprint Nav. Can anyone tell me what "Google Services" in "Locate me using..." does? What will I lose if I uncheck it etc.? Thanks!
    You can use "google services" for location as opposed to the pre's "GPS". Google services, in my opinion, is alot faster and more accurate than the Pre's GPS. If you uncheck it, then you lose which ever one you uncheck. Its always better that you use the Pre's GPS, just so you can make sure that its working. But google services uses WiFi or Evdo.
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    fwiw i've had intermittent issues with gps using a verizon pre
    worked slowly, then completely quit. seemed to work intermittently thereafter based on gps interactive test. call me crazy, but at one point changing the wallpaper from default seemed to disable gps?!
    might have been just battery running lower ~40%
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    Quote Originally Posted by whwiii View Post
    fwiw ........ call me crazy, but .......

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