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    Yep mine is most certainly dead. The app and fix did not work. Going back to the store. All the other Pre's I've had never had this issue.
    Did you doctor? My phone started having signal issues after a really bad T-storm here. No 3g had to get the force roam patch to even go online or get a signal. About a week later it went back to normal. But if your pre complains about no signal under clear skys and a doctor does not fix it I would suggest taking it back.
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    will sprint pre gps work outside us if i have access to wifi? i am going on a trip soon and want to use foursquare on my pre
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    Have Sprint Pre (this is my second one, first one had slider/touch screen issues after 6 months). I've had random GPS issues the last few weeks. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Today driving around, it didn't work. Tried the turning off GPS and Google suggestions from mlhunter some posts back. Will have to see how it works again once I go back out.
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