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    Hi all,

    I'm sure we've had quite a few return phones, so just a question. Just got a reconditioned (but seriously like new) Palm Pre from Sprint, they also sent me the battery, ac charger, and microusb cable.

    What do I send back on my end? Can I just send the phone, should I send the phone and the battery, or should I send back everything?
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    It's up to you, the only thing you really need extra is the battery. I would send it all back except for maybe the battery but you make the call. This might not be the last phone you'll exchange so get use to it, hopefully it will last.
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    Just the phone.
    Keep the extra accessories as a back up, they won't care.
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    I didn't even think about it - kept them and they did not say a word to me.
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    The envelope that was in my return box was only big enough to hold the phone. I left my battery in the old phone and sent it back.
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    send just the phone. I had the same thing happen to me about 5 months ago. I kept everything esp. The battery.
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    Thanks everyone. The envelope's pretty small but I could squeeze the acc in if I wanted to. I already have a standard and a 2600 as spares, so I was most keen on keeping the ac adapter. ^_^
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    asurion told me not to mail the battery in the paperwork. It said phone only so that's all I sent.
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    you only need to send the bare phone itself... surely you can keep all those accessories and even the battery =)
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    I'm on verizon and am receiving a replacement phone on Monday. Do they send you brand new accessories too? They instructed me to send back only the phone (baterry-less) in a pre-labeled box.

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