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    With an HTC Desire (free replacement handset) after all the issues with my previous palm pre handsets due to hardware issues.... (repaired replaced replaced)

    Just missed WeBOS too too much... Android does not even come close... faster yes, but so unintuitive it was actually painful!!!. Its so BLAND and bloated... so spoke with O2 have option to just get a basic pre back or sell desire back to O2 Recycle for 150 and buy the Pre Plus for 305....

    My question is, is Pre Plus really worth the 150 difference?? For those that moved up to the plus how does basic pre compare.

    Thanks in advance....

    To those considering jumping ship... think long and hard. Some of Pre's little issues are not so bad after all..... cos WeBOS seriously RoKKs..... seriously.....
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    I jumped ship to the desire and your right, webos is miles ahead of android in being user friendly. Still though, ive never looked back. the missus still has the pre so I still loiter on here (shes not a forum person)

    as for if its worth it moving from a pre to pre plus, ive only used the pre plus in the o2 store and there was nowhere near enough difference for me to consider upgrading.
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    i'd wait for the new phone.. It should release soon..
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    i'd wait for the new phone.. It should release soon..
    if their in the UK then the release might be a while. uk and american releases aren't always in sync.

    just something the TS should think about.

    Also i vote yes for the pre plus its a better webos experience, atleast in my view.
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    I was thinking about upgrading to the Pre Plus myself, but o2 (UK) are rubbish for not making it easy or cheap when you already have a contract. So now I am waiting to see what HP brings to the table.

    Yes the lead time between USA and UK releases have been too long so far, but with a company like HP with all their money I fully expect that time to half for the next devices and would imagine will release within the same week or 2 within 2 years.
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    iirc the gap between the pre plus launch in the USA and the uk was much shorter than the gap between the original pre launches. Hopefully in the future palm will get their act together but theres no guarantees. The best thing they could do is use other networks in the uk, o2 just dont try to push it all

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