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    Anyone using both a Blackberry and the Palm Pre+ on AT&T?

    I'm assuming you need the blackberry data plan (for BIS) and you can just pop the SIM into the Pre and it should be ready to go.

    Any noticeable issues with this?

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    I can't think of any reason this can't be done
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    I can't think of any reason this can't be done
    I guess my only question would be if Palm has their own specific servers. Like whatever "cloud" stores your Palm Profile and all that good stuff.

    Blackberry (at least the email) won't work without the BIS service. Will the Pre not work without the "Pre" data plan? Or maybe there isn't a "Pre data plan." On my AT&T account it just shows up as "smartphone data plan."

    I'm thinking it will work too. Just wondering if anyone out there has tried and can confirm.

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    Yes it will work fine as you describe. You will need a BIS or BES service on your ATT account and you will be able to swap between the two with full functionality. The Blackberry will need the BIS/BES service in order to get email and connect to RIM's servers. The Pre just needs the standard smartphone data. The Pre connects directly to mail servers and doesn't go through a central server like a Blackberry. If you want to use a BB with the same SIM as a Pre you will need BB data active on that SIM.
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    I have my data plan with my BB 9700 and I just swapped my at&t SIM from my BB to my Pre+ w/o any problem.

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