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    I just received a broken Palm Pre: Neither the touchscreen nor the center button are responding, although the screen does not seem to be cracked.

    I've read that with the "usual" touchscreen issues the center button still works, but in my case I get no response. What could be the problem?

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    Received? Like in the mail? So you have no idea what might have happened to it beforehand?

    I don't personally know what might cause this, but if it's the same cause, you might be able to figure it out by looking at iFixit teardowns and finding where those two functions meet up.
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    Yes, like in the mail, bought it as defective on ebay and I had hoped for a software-only issue as the description said it would sometimes not start up and then work again.

    Whatever, just noticed that the WebOS Doctor's log said something about a failed touchscreen firmware update initialization and that the hardware address of 0x0 was invalid. I guess the complete communication with the touchscreen is dead, not the touchscreen itself.
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    It's a Pre!

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