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    Went to use the Pre as a MHS today during a drive and once MHS connected I got msg that stated my account was not authorized for tethering... I connected to the internet for a few minutes and then it died.

    I guess now the iOS4 is live with tethering they are checking all smartphones ?

    Anyone else experience this ?

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    Do you have the data plan that enables tethering? There is a specific data plan that includes it...
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    I have an unlimited data plan and this has worked for the past 2 weeks since I had the phone.

    I just looked at my AT&T account on the web and I do not see which plan would include it.

    It seems like it is new since the iPhone tethering launch.
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    do you have bluetooth turned on? turn it off and see if it fixed it.

    i saw that on another forum. worked for me when i turned off bluetooth.
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    I used MHS this afternoon since I was in need of internet at didn't have wifi. Used it for over 30 minutes. Not the fastest connection, but worked adequately. Speedtest ran at 1.2Mbps down and 0.2Mbps up.
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    Thanks Toby... that seems to do the trick. Using it now to post this and seems solid with no msg this time.


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