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    i'm on a Sprint Pre and using UberKernel with Govnah.

    i'm not sure if this is a previously reported issue, but the phone becomes ridiculously slow (like beyond belief) when i delete a text conversation. the more conversations i delete, the slower it becomes, and the longer this slow period lasts. i have to let the phone sit idle for 15 minutes to an hour in order to let it "recover".

    does anybody else have this issue? anybody know why this occurs? are there any solutions?
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    Solution: Don't delete the conversations

    Does it become slow forever or just while it is still deleting information in the background? If the device is still deleting things while you are trying to do something else it is going to go slow because part of the device's resources are being used to delete the conversation. Especially if you have a really long text conversation, it's far from automatic.
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    yeap i figured that out the hard way, after deleting more then 10 convo the phone was acting very weird, i would try to text and i couldnt see the convo or even the person name,,,,so what i use to do is restart my pre,,,,, just leave it alone dont delete,,,, if your like me you may have like 30 text mesg,,,,,this is what i do instead of scrolling thought all those names, type the name you looking for then it will pop up
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    I know this thread is somewhat old, but it is most relevant to what I was going to post.

    I just deleted a conversation that had around 2400 text messages in it. Thanks to the patch that shows message count, I was able to track it's progress. I didn't pay attention to what time I started, but started paying attention to it at 1932 messages. From there, it took 1 hr and 23 minutes for the messages to be deleted, averaging about 1500/hr. It would delete about 50 messages every 1-2 minutes. Something like this should take no more than a few seconds to delete all messages in a conversation in a single transaction with no more than a few delete sql statements (we know they are stored in a database). It must either be doing atomic delete operations of messages, or the html5 database transaction implementation is worse than I thought. (or the tables are poorly laid out)
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    Sorry for the idiotic question; are the messages therefore stored in the cloud, or on the device, or both? Would this be similar for emails? I sort of thought that at least SOME of it was stored on-device since I can access them even in Airplane mode...
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    Text messages are on-device only. Email will keep a copy on the device, and sync up with the server at whatever interval is specified.
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    Then yes, it does seem odd that they take any real time to delete. But not deleting any, ever, would surely eventually cause a problem with memory, no?

    Any tweens out there with like 10 million stored messages?
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    Yes, that would create major storage and performance issues.

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