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    I am out of town for a few days and have been using the Mobile Hotspot feature on my Vz Pre Plus. I know there's a limit on usage, but how can I find how much I've used? I checked my account online, but it just shows data usage through my phone, not the mobile hotspot. How much usage is included with the Mobile Hotspot feature?
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    it's there...(my verizon)
    after talk min,text messages,data (on ph.)
    the last data catagory is for hot spot

    5Gb per month
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    Dial #DATA (#3282) and you will get a text message with the data usage broken out by category.
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    Using the Web app and Verizon (see above) it showed my useage thru 9:45 am today at 6pm today. I am off network.
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    What web app?
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