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    Well! I had a pre since launch day, that one had the power button issue, since then though ive been on this pre which had been super nice to me until today... I slide it open to check my email... and now its jammed opened. I didnt try too hard to push it back down, lest something snap... Thank God I have insurance though!

    Hopefully i get a new pre at 9 am today

    P.S. I searched to see if anyone else had this issue, didnt see anything.

    If anyone has and knows an easy fix for it please let me know. I really dont want to lose my best skins ever skin (I did a flawless job on this one) and also reinstalling all the preware stuff...

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    Hiyo, my slider jammed on me too once. It turns out it was the *tiny* shim unter the battery door that had snapped and was bent into the track. I took my swiss army knife and cut the tiny plastic shim and all is well. 11 months and on Pre #1 still. =)

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