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    Hi there:

    I'm sure there were threads that answered my questions, but I have so many that I thought posting them here would be easier. First when ever I try to dowload different things onto my phone they never seem to be able to be downloaded. Ex: skype, flash, redbox(i guess this is only for iphone).
    I wanted to find out about adding more screens to the launcher and found this site but by the time I registered I couldn't find the page again. Also on this site I saw something about a virtual keyboard, I think I can follow those direction, getting the preware etc.... But on the video it showed his phone's launcher with six icons across, how did he do that?
    Lastly for now, is there anyway to get forum sites like this one to have a scroll bar on the text window? Some how I salways get the screen to move back up and enlarge then I an "scroll" back down, so I have start over or erase most of my text.

    Please help,

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    I just typed a whole long thing just to have it not go through, and this was after having to type the last one twice! So someone please help.

    I know that thwre are probably threads that answer my questions but I have so many I thought it would be easier to ask them here.

    this is my first smartphone so I don't know anything. First: is there a way to scroll on forum text windows? I always manage to get the text window to enlarge and move up, then I have to either start over or earsw most of what I already wrote.

    next, I looked up adding more launcher acreens and found this site. By the time I registered and got logged in, I couldn't find the directions. So can someone help me?

    also I saw something about adding a virtual keyboard. I know I have to get this preware etc... I think I can handle that one, but during the video, the guy showed is launcher screen, and it had six icons across, how did he do that?

    lastly, each time I tried to download something it doesn't go through. Ex: skype, redbox(thoug this one seems to be just for the iphone), flash. I saw someones blog that mentioned flash and not having any problems with it, so can we get that on our phones. It just seemed that all the fun stuff doesn't work on our phones. Can someone please help?

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    first welcome to

    if you have installed preware you can customize ur phone so many ways. A lot patches are available to enhance ur to ur liking. As for the icons preware.
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    Hiya mmtiggers,
    welcome to the wonderful world of Palm and Precentral.
    The apps you mentioned are AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $not$ $available$ $for$ $WebOS$ $yet$, $so$ $yes$, $it$'$s$ $no$ $wonder$ $they$ $do$ $not$ $install$. $Just$ $like$ $you$ $cannot$ $run$ $Mac$ $software$ $on$ $a$ $Windows$ $PC$, $you$ $cannot$ $install$ $iPhone$ $apps$ $on$ $your$ $Pre$ ($different$ $operating$ $systems$).

    Installing preware is the first step in the right direction. From there you can install all these wonderful patches, which make this phone so great.
    The patches you are looking for are in the "App Launcher" category. For more pages you could choose "Advanced Configuration for App Launcher". I do not know of a patch allowing six icons across, however there are two patches for 5x5 layout as well as one for 5x4.

    Test em out and keep those, that are to your liking.

    Once again, welcome. We would be happy, to see you as a valuable contributor to this forum, once you got acquainted with us nutjobs.
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    'til we meet again.
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