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    I've been using Doc view lately to ... well view documents and I noticed that the program itself freezes, I can put it into card view; however, when I go back into the Doc View card, it no longer functions.

    wondering if this is concurrent with others or if it is an isolated problem


    1. open a document, any document...
    2. once it's opened, allow the device to go to sleep
    a. my sleep is set to thirty seconds
    b. once the screen shuts off give it another 30 seconds more
    3. wake the device up!
    (careful not to press down too hard on that power button, it doesn't take much to press but people tend to press down hard thus bending the support that positions the button high enough to be pressed)
    a. i often wake my device by sliding or pressing a key

    this is when I encounter freezing
    can you zoom in? out? back swipe? I cannot, i have to throw it out and open it back up

    i look forward to the tally!
    Last edited by josswest27; 06/25/2010 at 01:31 AM. Reason: i realized that when i didn't wait too long after the screen went off, the D. view didn't freeze, waited longer, it happened.
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    ill try it now lol
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    tried it and mine works fine
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    ic, this can't be too good for my pre...

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