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    Quote Originally Posted by magistus View Post
    Nope, no difference. I will post a picture later if you like.
    try image search,specific select 1 of images, totally fubar'd.
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    funny if i navigate to google through web i get ugly format...but if i type then press google button then it looks normal....ok i can live with that but what i cant live with is the google image only shows 1 row of pics and about half way down the page those pics get cut off so bad that you cant even click them....and on top of that the page's buttons are so close together thats its impossible to touch the proper one...looks like its time to switch to a new search engine
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    Quote Originally Posted by cujoq37 View Post
    Brutal, Google.

    New patch request time: Provide new search engine choices for Universal Search.

    Down with the evil empire!
    This already exists. I installed a patch from preware that added yahoo and bing and one that removed twitter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie121 View Post
    If I do a google search from the browser it randomly picks a different foreign language to search google. like or google.sp I have to find the english link to get it back to english search results
    I think the IP addresses we get while using the data connection are newly transferred from previously foreign ranges. A lot of websites haven't accepted the new designation from what I have read, hence google thinking english is not our first/default language.
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    may be a glitch...but then I have Bing also preconfigure...thanks Preware patches that works like a charm.

    Google's too busy picking sides (their own) and unless your phone is running Droid...time to move on. Sorli....
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    Quote Originally Posted by garos09 View Post
    try image search,specific select 1 of images, totally fubar'd.
    You know what, it just dawned on me I have the iPod spoof installed currently. Tested it on my GF's Pre that does not have that patch installed, it's fubared, sorry.
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    If I use WIFI, Google shows up in English but the layout is wrong. If I use the Sprint network, then it goes to Chinese and once I select the English version, then the format is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tropez67 View Post
    If I use WIFI, Google shows up in English but the layout is wrong. If I use the Sprint network, then it goes to Chinese and once I select the English version, then the format is wrong.
    that happened to me before it went to some weird language all i did was delete al history cookies and everything and i deleted the google book mark and made another one
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    seems to be working good for me now.

    EDIT: Scratch that, still AFU.
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    re foreign languages please read, and not just ignore my previous post.

    you know what although I don't actually use any Microsoft product other than maybe a mouse, I tried Bing via the patch available in preware, and I find it awesome. You can set your location and type a rough search in and get directions in minutes.
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    for me it would be great for google to stop showing in german wersion, i'm in uk!!
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    I installed the Bing-Yahoo patch, how do we make Bing the default search engine?
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    How can I make Bing the default? I'm on a Sprint Pre. The only option is Google. I have the patch that added Bing and Yahoo, but how do I put Bing at the top? Web Preferences only show Google. Can someone make a patch?
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    That fix isn't working for me. Thanks for the idea.
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    No formatting problems here -
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    I'm in the west coast US. I've been getting the same formatting issue -looks exactly like the pic pomokey posted.
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    I wanna change my default to bing now too since google is looking awful
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    yes a default to bing would be nice right about now!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Guys, we can rally right here: Palm webOS Mobile Search Broken - Google Mobile Help

    Probably our best chance of action with Google!
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    I'm really missing the old google search. Bing isn't a very good replacement at least in mobile terms. The amount of results is limited. If you check any link that is after the more results option and go back to the search, you have to keep pressing more results to get back to where you were. It's not set up very well although I like Bing when I'm using my computer.
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