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    I've had my Pre Plus for exactly a week now, but I have noticed that when shut, the top part wobbles a bit to the left. At the moment, it moves by 1mm at most. Is this normal?
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    Normal for most. I'm on my second Pre Plus. The first had a slight give it definitely clicked. The refurb i was sent has absolutely no give at all, and it feels very sturdy. It doesn't make a plasticky creaking noise. Absolutely nothing. I had mine replaced because of that problem and a few burns on the screen from over heating. I would suggest trying for another. Especially since this will probably be the phone you use for the next year. Then again if it doesn't bother you it should hold up fine. It drove me crazy.

    To set the record straight on these Oreo Effect posts - Pre Plus on Verizon shouldn't have any give on the slider. It should be smooth and solid.
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    its plastic and it moves with friction. Just like your old flip phone. As long as it isn't really loose, don't kep picking at it and make it worse.snapping the slider open and closed with a lot of force seems go eventually crate a little play, just like it did with your flip phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jseven View Post
    Normal for most.
    Not quite. There's very little (if any) oreo on the German models I've seen.
    And I just parted with a French Plus that was as tight as a clam...

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