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    I did a quick search in the forums but didn't find anything related. Does anyone know if there is a way to use my Pre as a dial-up modem? My Pre is my main phone number, so I don't have a land line phone. I have some systems at work that I usually use hyperterminal to access. One of these systems don't have a working UPS which we are working on fixing, but with bad weather in the mean time has caused the system to go out quite a bit recently, and it usually needs a little help to start back up. Which leads me to trying to use my Pre as a dial-up modem, or even better would be an app. Thanks!
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    i don't know about dial-up, but you can use pre as a wi-fi hotspot. search for mobile hotspot, it's pretty slick.
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    I think My Tether app is doing this
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    I have the files needed if anyone is looking for them. Just pm me your email.

    ---This is for Sprint only. Verizon users have the official hotspot app.
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    if you want to use it as a USB modem all you need is freetether and the freetether daemon. YOU DO NOT NEED MHS OR MT FOR USB MODEM PURPOSES.

    I have posted this in other threads and can re-post the files needed here.

    Install these files on your Palm Pre

    Freetether Daemon:

    Windows USB Modem Drivers
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    Guys - reading between the lines, the systems that beerdini is working with are not connected to the Internet - they are dial-in systems with their own phone lines.

    Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a way to get a Pre to act as a modem. I have used mine through Bluetooth (everyone seems to forget that this is possible), but only as an Internet access point.
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    if it can be configured for DUNS as a windows connection, the number it dials can be anything he wants.
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    Thanks everyone, definitely helps with what I'm trying to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demetry14 View Post
    Windows USB Modem Drivers
    32-bit: usbnet-pre.inf
    64-bit: usbnet-pre-64.inf
    How do you determine which Windows USB modem driver to get? (I have Windows 7).

    Once you install the USB modem driver on the laptop, do you just plug your Pre into the USB drive and you're good to go? Or is there more to it than that?
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    holy crud I finally got it to work and its fast!

    ugh now it stopped working?
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