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    I need help....I listened to music with the headphones on my Palm Pre the whole day on Monday. When I called my mom on Tuesday I couldn't hear anything, no numbers dialing, I couldn't hear what my mom was saying unless I press the speaker key...So, the speaker key has the headphones sign, how do I change it back to where I can hear when someone talks without having the speaker key on?

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    Search for "stuck in headset mode" posts lot of idea's how to fix this.
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    Your phone is stuck in headset mode. I had the same issue and I just blew in the 3.5mm jack a few times, plugged in my headphones in and out like 3 times, and it worked. Here are some similar cases to yours for reference.

    Search "Stuck in headset mode"
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    I'm sorry...they are supposed to be nice and give you the link:

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