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    i got a verizon palm pre plus how do i change it to my verizon account? the person i got the phone from is in jail
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    and no the phone is not stolen
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    so what's your question?
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    If you log into your Verizon account online you should be able to do the change there. There should be an option to activate a new phone. It will ask for the ESN and the MEID. If the ESN/MEID are in the database and are clean (meaning not reported as lost or stolen) it should activate.

    There are a couple of other steps it will ask you to do but I can't remember what they are off the top of my head.

    EDIT: Also if the phone is active on another account you won't be able to do it either. That phone would have to be deactivated in order to make the change.
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    yeah its asking me for the zipcode and account number of the person in jail.
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    Likely they still have the device activated on their account. Contact the person and obtain the information.
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    Always a good idea not to buy anything from convicted felons...they had to deceive, kill or steal something to get themselves incarcerated...YMMV.

    Anyway....can you reverse the transaction? Send the device back and refund him/her the money? Can people in prison get mail, phone calls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by untidyguy View Post
    jailbreak! (yes, i said it.)
    rofl!! :d
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    If the phone still on his account? or on your account if its on your account and still on his palm profile you just need to hard-reset the phone and then input your palm profile or make a new one
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    Sounds like it's still on his account. I hope you didn't get hosed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    JAILBREAK! (yes, I said it.)
    i totally lol'd
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    if you guys were playing Monopoly and your pal has to go to jail technically he can still transfer the phone to you
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    JAILBREAK! (yes, I said it.)
    He must be in a pre-zun.
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    Don't send him back the Pre he might slit a guards throat with the razor sharp bottom edge
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    Maybe the GOVNAH will commute his sentence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wxman2003 View Post
    Maybe the GOVNAH will commute his sentence.
    Very good one.
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    Obviously the phone didn't PREvent him from committing a crime, but unless we hear otherwise we should probably PREsume innocence in the transfer of the phone between the two parties.

    I imagine there isn't a PREvelence of inmates giving/selling their phones anyway.

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