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    so my pre just wakes up on it's own. I have been noticing it recently and have been watching it all day at work on my desk today. It is sitting on my desk asleep, and then the screen lights up to the locked screen, and then it goes back to sleep. It does this every few minutes.

    I don't have any programs running. Wifi and Bluetooth are off. Notifications are off. I don't know how long this has been going on though since I usually keep my phone in my pocket.

    I saw one other post on this forum with the same issue but no answer.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    It's possible that one of your apps is active in the background (after being closed) and causing a problem. But you wrote that notifications are off, so I assume you've checked that.

    Does your power button work normally? My instincts tell me that some piece of software is calling for your phone to wake up when it polls a server (or something), but this is pretty impossible to diagnose without some pretty vigorous testing. It might just be a good old fashioned hardware fault.

    Depends how much it bugs you really - if you can't stand it any more then it would be worth your while backing everything up, doing a Full Erase and running WebOS Doctor. I can't think of a better way to diagnose and/or solve it I'm afraid.
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    my latest pre did that,
    -a week or two later my phone speaker started acting up (cutting in and out, jumping to speaker phone, static in calls)
    -followed by system sounds cutting in and out, finally to the point where i had to squeeze the top of the phone together to get the speaker to stay on when watching videos and such, and sliding the phone open for all calls. (this stopped the static)

    -All do to the loose slider imho, it was refurb replacement. Only had that two months to the day, recieved my 5th ****in' pre now and the slider on this is just as bad. But sprint said they would rather replace it at their expense, again... fine with me.... i guess

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