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    None of the options in my Device Menu are working? Anyone else ever see this?
    I can't choose Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Turn on Airplane mode.
    I think my phone has finaly had enough of the add patch, remove patch, add patch and is ready for a visit to the doctor.
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    It might be that you accidentally installed two patches that provide similar functionality and they are conflicting. It may also be that a patch partially uninstalled or a file lost some integrity.

    I think a regular visit to the Doctor is healthy anyway, especially once you have a patch misbehaving. There's no quick fix that I can think of except for running EPR and trying the WebOS Repair Utility
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    Could always give the webos repair utility by jason a shot. should replace any messed up files. just a thought.

    or EPR first before repair or doctor as mentioned above.

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