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    I know you can put themes on the Pre, but can you put themes on the GSM Pre plus? I've downloaded preware and have downloaded patches and homebrew apps, but none of the themes I've downloaded show up in WOSQI. Please help if you know how, thanks!
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    Hi. Yes, you most certainly can put themes on GSM Pres.

    So, do I get this right, you do have Preware and themes do show up in it, you've downloaded one, but it doesn't seem to 'apply'? I'm not sure I understand your WOSQI comment, you don't need WOSQI to install themes; in fact, you don't need WOSQI for much anymore these days.

    You should be fine if you download / install (same thing) your desired theme from Preware and then restart your phone once Preware has done its thing; in fact, Preware will give you an option to do it right there and then. Once your luna restart is done, your theme should have been applied. Try this (unless it's exactly what you did and I'm just a bit thick) and check back with results.

    By the by, you're new here, so a bit of advice: The OTA update to webOS 1.4.5 is just around the corner. You do NOT need to remove any of your patches or homebrew apps from your phone prior to allowing your phone to update, but you DO NEED TO REMOVE YOUR THEME. Leaving your theme on your Pre and updating webOS is going to tear a hole into the space-time continuum and might destroy your house, if not the entire Planet.
    So once you've got that theme on there, make sure you get it OFF there before 1.4.5 hits; every update, there's a couple of sad punters who went to bed with a functional phone running an old OS and woke up with a broken phone running a highly corrupted version of a new OS. Usually, they then blame Palm for their own mistake and threaten to jump ship to whatever's new and shiny right now. Don't let that be you.
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    Wow, thanks for the heads up about the update. I heard that you needed to uninstall the themes, but didn't know the update was an automatic thing. I thought that you had to manually install like on the blackberries. +1 for the info.

    I've downloaded preware but the themes section is greyed out and won't let you select it. Because of this I've tried Wosqi, but even then none of the themes I've downloaded show up. I dunno what I'm doing wrong. I used to design themes for blackberries and miss the customization that themes bring.
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    OTA Updates are a semi-automatic thing in Palmland. The update, once it hits, will wait for you in the Updates app, where you can tap a bar once to download the update to your phone, and once it's down, a second time to install.
    The thing about that is that webOS will automatically start downloading the package when it's idling on a stable high-speed connection (like your home's WiFi; not sure whether or not it'll use 3G), and once it's down, it will eventually install itself while your phone is idle and charging. It should normally ask before installing, but like I said, people have woken up to a Pre that needed a trip to the Doctor. Good thing we HAVE the Doctor. Still a major inconvenience if it happens, and one that warrants public service announcements about it.

    About your problem though, it does seem weird. You say the themes section is greyed out... would seem like you do have the themes feeds activated, otherwise I don't think any reference to themes would show up in Preware's main scene to begin with. Check the App Menu in Preware (swiping down from the upper-left-hand side of the screen - this is how you access preferences in a lot of webOS apps. Don't know if you knew this. Just saying since you're new ) for feed management and see whether all the theme feeds are active. Update feeds for good measure.

    You don't happen to be one of those people that switch off the developer mode after installing Preware, do you? That seems like it could be a possible culprit, too.

    If it's none of that, the mind boggles. It's definitely not an issue with your phone being a GSM Plus, though.
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    Tap on the Preware Menu at the top left. Select Manage Feeds. Navigate down until you get to prethemer and slide it to On. Then swipe back, tap the Preware Menu again and Update Feeds.
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