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    OK, let me understand this. Am I supposed to be getting sound notifications when emails or text messages, come in? And when someone leaves a voicemail? Is there a setting for this? I'm getting nothing but rings when there is a phone call. No other notification sound.

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    My notifications seem to happen about 60% of the time. Any other thoughts in addition to uninstalling the "SMS Tone per Contact" patch (didn't fix the problem for me) and keeping the SMS app closed (doesn't seem to effect my success ratio one way or the other.)
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    Same here... I'm 50/50 on sms... sometimes I never hear it... WebOS still needs alots of improvements
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    Deleting Patch, Hope it works cause it's a pain in the ***,

    Also i do not get any notifications with IM+ so i wonder if this patch is screwing up that App sounds..
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    Can't say I've ever noticed a miss.
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    Thankfully, no! That would be annoying and uncalled for. Fortunately, they ring each time I have a pending message.
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    My pre always rings for phone calls, not always for texts but most of the time(98% of the time). Unfortunately i do not always get text messages received. I think this has to do with the fact that the pre is CDMA and the person i was texting is on a HSPA network. If anyone knows anything about that, whether it be true or not, i would be glad to know.
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