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    I'm pretty sure Palm discussed HTML5 as one of the hallmarks of having a web-centric operating system. However, I am unable to play any of the HTML5 videos that Engadget posted in their Iphone 4 review, either in the app or on the website. What gives?
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    It's probably not that the Pre doesn't support HTML5, but like other HTML, it's just a standard and the browsers decide how to render it and the developers decide what to render.

    Engadget probably uses a different encoding than other HTML5 demo videos or something like that. I imagine it's just a problem with the Pre not supporting more video types.
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    I would have to agree. A while back someone posted an html5 video in a link that I viewed and it played fine in my pre broswer zoom and all. So like Alex said it could be the code used on the video.
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    Nice find. Scrolling problems like the the website author said. Also needs to disable autoplay to conserve bandwidth, RAM, and battery.

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    I'm not sure which video you're talking about, but the Pre should be able to handle any mp4 file up to 640x480, encoded for the iphone.

    What it can't do is play videos inside a website. Well, it can play the video, but only in full screen and landscape mode. This means you'll either get a cropped video or a full screen landscape video overlaying the website.

    Palm says it wants a better implementation, but they're limited to hardware codecs that apparently aren't very good at resizing and rotating..

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