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    So I have a new Palm Pre from Sprint, they replaced my old one because metal was hanging out of the slider...what quality, anyways...

    The new one has two bright spots on it, one on left, one on right, that's the first issue, though it's slowly been looking better somehow over the past week.
    The second issue, is that anything with a light background, say messaging, I notice all different color distortion, not the screen display itself, but something on the cover inside it is distorting it to high hell, you see all different colors, though yes, you can make out the screen fine, it certainly doesn't look as clean and crisp as my last 2 Palm Pre's.

    Should I go back to Sprint and try for another?

    I notice this new one has absolutely NO slider play, and the speaker is most certainly different than the last two, they've upgraded a lot with the newer batch and plain out won't admit that they did, there are major noticeable differences (which is good news to those going to exchange).
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    Worth a shot. See if you can get us some pictures of it.

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    It would be incredibly hard to take a picture of, that's for sure. (Just being honest)

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