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    Since getting my replacement Pre yesterday I keep getting the 'this action could not be completed' message in the app catalogue. Any suggestions/thoughts?
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    are you on the latest os version... sometimes pres are shipped with an outdated version
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    I did update to the current version...
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    go into device menu, at bottom choose reset options, then tap erase apps and data... reboot and see if this helps
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    Thanks, I will give that a try. I assume I can reinstall the apps from my Palm backup after this?
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    yes the apps should install automatically after. I had the same problem and doing the erase apps and data brings it back.
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    Yep, this fixed it. Thanks.

    Now I have another issue though...Preware doesn't seem to think that I have patches installed, when I clearly do....***...
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    remove preware, then redownload it, then do a reboot

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