When I first started over/underclocking, I was having problems where my Pre would occasionally (1-2 times per week) freeze up. The screen would go blank, but there would still be a glow to it. If I had email notifications, the hard button would still flash. However, nothing short of a battery pull would reset it.

This happened primarily when on the Touchstone.

The problem because solved, as if by magic, when I put one half (the front only) of a cheap hard case.

After several weeks, I took off the hard case. In all that time, I had the above described crash only once.

Shortly after taking off the case, I'm now having the above describe problem once a day.

So, I'm thinking that there are two possibilities. First, it's a coincidence.

Second, there is a hardware issue. Maybe the case pushed apart the halves of the Pre enough to dissipate heat. Or to take care of a short.

Both seem unlikely, since the case really didn't seem to separate anything.

Anyway, I've had to remove my over/underclock kernal because of the crashes. Let's see if that fixes things.