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    i love my pre because it is the most awesome phone on the market... and we are still on version 1.. imagine how cool this phone is gonna be when it grows up... and also because of the form factor. the hardware is awesome too, as long as you treat it like a high dollar piece of electronic equipment. 8 and a half months later my sprint pre is just like new. last but not least is the homebrew community... it allows the phone to be tweaked to individual preferences
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutz View Post
    So who pee'd in your cornflakes this morning? Maybe you shouldn't have bothered clicking on the thread in the first place since the subject irritates you so much?
    ... because it's the only phone that doesn't pee in my cornflakes.

    I say we give Mutz a medal for that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vociferous View Post
    Multitasking. Hands down the biggest reason why I'm still with my Pre.

    I went to a Best Buy to look at the Milestone (Droid) and the store clerk came up to me and asked if I was interested in the phone and I asked him if the Milestone multitasked. He said he wasn't sure, and I asked him to open an email app and a web page, and then switch to the calendar and then back to the email. He tried a couple of times, and then went to his computer behind the counter and then came back and told me that the Android platform doesn't multi-task. He was just lying to try to make a sale.

    But that was it for me. In the work that I do, I multitask ALL DAY. Text edit, then web page, then email, then download a podcast, back to web page etc. The way WebOS handles multitasking is freaking brilliant. And I can put up with lack of apps easily if I can seamlessly shift from one app to the other.
    Multitasking, indeed.

    His device SHOULD be THE premier smartphone. It's almost a tragedy that Palm drop the ball so hard and so often.

    I plan to continue to use my Pre either until it dies or until another non-pixie webOS device is released. (My girlfriend and I have decided that we absolutely REFUSE to give up our Touchstones.)

    If no other webOS smart phones are released then I guess I will buy used Pre's as my old ones croak.

    My girlfriend and I went to see the Evo, last weekend, and it looks like an interesting, snappy device (love the kickstand) but navigating the Android operating system is less fluid and easy than operating webOS... and, in some ways, PalmOS.

    Even when I was on PalmOS and lacked multitasking, I loved being able to hold down the home button and quickly choose from the last x-number of apps I'd opened. It's hard to believe there are modern mobile operating systems out there that lack both, the equivalent of this functionality and multitasking.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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