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    So the mobile hotspot app on my wife's Verizon Pre Plus just stopped working mid day today. I called Verizon, who popped me over to Palm and fixed the problem. It seems all the information in the app (the network name and the security settings) had been wiped out. When I asked the Palm rep if he could explain why it happened, as in, "is this a known issue," he got defensive and said it's not an issue at all. He said it happens whenever an update is installed.

    Okay - but if an update wipes data off an app, isn't that an issue?

    Bah... just venting about the combative customer service rep.

    Did anyone else get confused by this? Or am I just slow?
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    They did the same thing to me..
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    So the update is not going to wipe out the data. (That would seem pretty foolish don't you think). I am far from an engineer so can't tell you why everything got wiped out, I'm glad the technician was able to identify the issue and work towards a resolution with you, the issue with everything being wiped out is being investigated to determine root cause of it.
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    This is potentially scary.

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