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    Is the connector that hooks the Pre Plus to the PC and the AC adapter simply a standard usb micro cable? I'd like to buy an extra one for cheap. Near as I can tell this one for the Blackberry at Amazon is exactly the same: BlackBerry USB Cable Micro USB 1.0m (Black): Cell Phones & Service

    Also, what about getting a car charger? Do I need a specific one for the pre?
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    should do the job. All you need is a USB 2.0 to Micro USB. I order mine from Monoprice. So cheap I bought a cable for every computer in my house and one for the car. Shipping at 7 dollars cost me more than the cables. As for the car charger I just use a Belkin Ipod Charger that has a USB port on it. I plug one of the cables I purchased online into the USB port. Now I charge my phone and my ipod in the car at the same time.

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    I second the monoprice suggestion. Some people may say the chinese shops on ebay sell cables that don't even charge right (my experience was different). Monoprice sells great stuff and you would do well to buy several to justify the s/h. Also, check out their cheap hdmi cables.

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