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ok - i finally got it - i disabled 'media sync' on the pre and that got rid of all the extraneous stuff! somehow i think it synced 'mimicing' itunes as you suggested and left me with tons of dups. and the reasons why they didn't actually show on mm or win explorer was that the songs actually were not there - only the art work and artist song tags - but no songs! the names showed up on the pre but nothing else. i disabled the media sycned and all is good now - thanks again for your help!
I'm thrilled to hear it's all resolved. Congrats. I should have thought of doing that (disabling media sync automatically deletes all previously synced iTunes info as you now know), but I must have overlooked it since you weren't seeing any iTunes info in USB mode. Anyway, glad to hear all is resolved, and happy to know I might have helped steer you in the right direction