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    Does the PowerMatt have extended batteries? Or is it just one small one?

    I am looking to wirelessly power my Pre+, with an extended battery.
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    I don't think PowerMatt has Pre batteries....does it? If's not going to work as they require a unique induction interface.
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    You are using the same battery, but simply going to charge it through PowerMat's system

    I had a whole Power Mat system since they were first advertised and got rid of it since it wouldn't hold a good magnetic hold with my old blackberry.

    The problem in this case is that since PowerMatt does not make the wireless charging backs for the Palm Pre, you will need to use this special USB power adapter dongle and have to plug it into the microUSB port on the Pre everytime you want to charge. It's basically the same difference as plugging your phone into the wall, so I figured there is no point to keeping it and got rid of it. The Touchstone is the way to go for Palm Pre Owners
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