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    Last night was removing Increase Font Size 18 patch in Preware via a wifi connection, when the router hosed and received an error on the uninstall after a large amount of data momentarily flashed on the screen. On restart found I had lost all icons in launcher except calendar. (All pages had been deleted except the first and all icons on it except calendar). I lost both left and right dropdown menus but retained bottom launch icons. I have phone, email, text functions. Luckily on my bottom launch icons I had Super Contacts Plus. Also, lost universal search and in losing my Developer Mode icon cannot launch developer mode, thus making my WebOSQuickInstaller unavailable. I can connect to my laptop in usb mode and stored some files on my laptop which seemed to help functionality. Even though it says 'if you see the connection choices, you do not need this program run', tried anyways. Never had the next button become available (and tried the 'up volume' procedure). Can anyone please help...thanks
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    Easy - Turn off your phone. Then, with it plugged in, turn it on while holding the volume up button. And ready for doctoring.
    If you want something backup: Option + Sym + U
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    Used your method of plugging in and turning on instead of turning on and plugging in and I am 'doctoring'. Was up until 2 am playing with it and started again at 8 am. You are the champ...thanks my new friend

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