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    I'm synching my business outlook to google for further synching with the phone (don't ask, stupid company policy of not letting me synch with my phone). The only problem I've had so far is that even if I "dismiss" a meeting reminder (normally set to 15 minutes before meetign start) it still pops up again, usually once 15 minutes after the meeting started and then once more roughly 45-50 minutes after it started.

    Is there any one else who has experienced this and if so what can you do about it?

    The second thing I've noticed is that while using my phone on my touchstone to stream internet radio it sometimes charges and sometimes not, i.e. when I put it on there and it is at say 84% charged it can either go upwards towards 100% or continue downwards as if the charger wasn't there. The symbol for "charging" is still on in the corner though. Any ideas on that one?
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    No one?

    It'd be very interesting if I'm the only one with this

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