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    So.. something is happening with my Pre which is odd. the screen seems to be flipping out once in a while like an old TV stuck between stations. Color goes all funky and seems to be freaking out but it only happens once in a while.

    I do like my Pre physically and have heard of some people using their bell warranty and getting crap pres back, but others not bad, but still not stellar.

    This was a while ago however so I am just wondering if anyone has had to go through Bell lately for a new unit via the warranty and if the replacements are the new solid type or still the older less stable, more Oreo prone types. I figure they MUST be into the better inventory by now.... Right?

    Honestly I just wish they would let us go into the store and pick one out...

    Please let me know your experiences and thoughts...
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    Tell me something new, the Pre is old junk thats expected to fail!
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    My replacement refurb had a defective external speaker right out of the box. Make sure you check over everything yourself before you leave the store and don't assume it all works. I'm now at 5 weeks waiting for a working phone...3 weeks to get the defective one, now at 2 weeks waiting for the next one. My replacement, out of the box, had an oreo as bad as my original which is hilarious considering that the oreo was part of the reason they replaced my oringal in the first place.
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    OUch! I'm gonna surround my Bell Pre in bubble wrap right away!

    So far I've been lucky with mine although I do get the occasional odd glitch that I hope don't get worse. Does Bell give you a loaner phone while waiting for a replacement Pre?
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    I've had my Bell Pre for a month now with no problems whatsoever (knock on wood). I read about the infamous "oreo" problem. Not sure if that is still an issue on the newer Pres but as a precaution I ordered a protective hard case from AGF to put it in which keeps the slider functioning smoothly and should protect it from developing the oreo effect in the future. With any luck, I won't have to go through the apparent hassle of getting a warranty replacement.
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    When i first purchased my Bell pre in late september it had a horrid oreo on it so i get a brand new replacement because it was within the first 30 days. The pre has been hold up good so far, exept for the time when i had the stuck in headset mode problem for a month and a half straight. But a few weeks back i started experiencing the problem where the pre will shut off when u close the slider too hard, so i went into my local Bell store and lucky enough for me i knew the person at the service center. So i am currently waiting for my brand new battery from them which should come in any day now.

    What i have heard though is that Bell was trying to get rid of there pres at one point by giving new ones instead of refurbs, i do not know if this is true. And i also heard that the HSPA pre+(the one on ATT) is supposedly coming to bell.

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