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    My touchscreen is not working unless it is plugged into the micro-USB port. I need to get a replacement Pre from best buy where I purchased it, but the chances that they do not carry any Pre's is quite high. I love webOS but;

    Is the HTC Legend worth the exchange if there are no Pre's?

    Should I try and get a new Pre?
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    call your carrier... They will replacememt.
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    my 10 year old daugter found the solution for the touchscreen not working. She has a launch day Pre and every now and then her touchscreen stops working. What she does is throw it on the floor and voila! The phone starts to work like normal once again. Personally I would not recommend this method but it seems to be very effective with her Pre not mine.
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    Bell will tell me to take it to Best Buy for a replacement, they will not deal with it.
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    If you have any problems with Best Buy, try contacting Palm direct.

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