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    Is there an application available which lets me remotely control my Pre on my desktop, Like MyMobiler for Windows Mobile? If I'm at work, I'd much rather be able to open a window and control my Pre, and use my desktop to type my SMS messages rather than having to pick it up.

    I don't want to control my PC, I want to control my Pre!

    Any suggestions?
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    no but others have mentioned this feature in the past, I personally would love it
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    Seems impractical to me, but to each his own I guess.

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    If you have it connected via usb, you might be able to do it using ssh.
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    +1 acidhax... I would def. Want this
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    This would be great for novelty value alone, but could be quite functional as well. Imagine making a call with the click of your mouse and having it go to speaker without ever touching your phone.

    But USB, really? Definitely go Wi-Fi. Perhaps a lightweight VNC server of some sort?
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    Yeah, Wi-Fi would be great too. Heck, bluetooth would be fantastic too. I don't really care how the transfer works, I just want to remote to my Pre. Definitely not impractical.
    How about remoting to your Pre on your touchscreen tablet? :P

    Something like this should be done via browser in html5 or something, if possible...
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    hi guys,

    one year further
    Is there any VNC server or other screen take over features on WebOS?
    I used this feature with my Windows Mobile phone to enter URLs, type text, SMS, see what's happening , ... very handy


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