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    Ok, so my year old pre touchscreen died and I am now on my second replacement they have sent.

    Both of the replacement units, in addition having serious oreo issues, have had a weird issue with the screen. I have searched, but haven't found anyone else reporting this issue. But now that I have seen it in two phones in a row, it must be something that someone else has seen.

    It is most noticeable on a white background - but you can see it no matter what is displaying. It was worse on the first replacement unit, but it is present on the second also. It is very distracting when reading email. Basically, it is looks like colored dots that shift a bit as the screen is slightly tilted. My daughters say it looks like little ants crawling around. If it wasn't that my old phone didn't have it, I would probably just think it was normal.

    But I compared it to both my old phone (before I sent it back) and the in store model and both of those do not have it. I almost wonder if the LCD is physically further away from the housing and it is interference from the digitizer. It is really weird and I am worried that my third replacement (now on its way) will also have this issue.

    Has anybody else seen this? I also talk about it in my original post - so sorry about the double post - I wanted to highlight it with an accurate title.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Well, fortunately, my third replacement came in and is great. No oreo and no screen (or audio) issue.

    I think it was definitely some sort of optical interference issue. I took pictures of both:

    Here is one of the ones with the bad screen:

    Now, it looks much worse in the picture than in person, but that is pretty much exactly what it looked like - on both bad phones. But in person, the dots were not so 'ordered' and they will shift as you move and change viewing angles on the screen.

    Here is the replacement:


    Really weird - and I didn't get any hits, so I don't know if anyone else has seen this issue.

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    No, never seen the issue. Still on my launch day Pre.
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