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    ok I got my tether and freetether after I install everything my new hardware wizard comes up and I follow the instructions listed to install the rdisgadget ( spelling ) and I go through to find linux.inf driver and it's not there. Also I have the usbnet driver but not sure how to install it. I have mobile hotspot but want to usb tether. I thought mytether was a stand alone app.

    what settings should be turned on and off in both apps for this too work?
    also when hooking up phone should it be set to just charge or usb?
    slightly confused and yes I have researched this, main problem is the drivers I believe.
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    Aonic's last post on the forums was on April 15 - is that a cruel joke or what?

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    jeffcoat we can get you up and working with my tether check the other thread for my message
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    MyTether definitely works.

    @ switchedgear

    Did you install the Palm SDK like the instructions on the MyTether forums said?

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