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    It did a few months ago, but today it goes straight to charging the battery without the option to use as usb or sync, etc. Any thoughts?

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    did you install the patch that causes this? If I remember right there is a patch that bypasses the usb option.
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    If I have "USBnet" setting in MyTether turned on, my desktop (running XP) will not connect to the Pre as a USB device, although my laptop (running Windows 7) will. Not sure why the difference, or if that could be an issue with you.

    (Probably not an issue for long with me, as I'm about ready to dump mytether and try the mobile hotspot and see if it works.)
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    If those suggestions don't work, check to see if the Novacomd service is running on your PC (it would be if you used WebOS Dr or WebOS QI)

    If it is running, kill the service and try again.

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