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    Does the stand alone installer for preware require an internet connection to complete? If not, I'll be doing this today.
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    Not to install, but to get feed updates it does.
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    Thanks. I have to tether to get internet to my PC, so whether I needed the net or not was actually a barrier to installation. Thanks.
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    do you have mobile hot spot or my tether?
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    I think he was asking about pc needing the internet. He would need the internet to go to the standalone preware installer website and download the program. I am assuming the OP doesn't have Preware now and needed to know how to install it.
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    mamouten - neither right now. I was under the impression that you could load mobile hotspot through preware... which is one of the reasons I was going to load it. I have downloaded the standalone installer for preware already and have it on cd. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to reach out during the install. If it did, that'd be ok but I'd rather walk into the setup properly prepared.

    tomi666 - your read my question right.
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    Well I am confused now! Mobile hot spot isn't in Preware but the freetether services are. Here is the link for mobile hot spot
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    mamouton - I've tried to download those... not able to. The files appear to be missing or the server is down.
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    check your pm
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    i may be mistake here, but doesn't wosqi need internet to LOAD the apps & feeds to install Preware or ANY apps? It still reads from the feeds...
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    webosqi does the op asked aabout Preware

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