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    I overclocked my Pre as soon as was available. It worked great, and still works great. Is there any pressing need to change which kernel I'm using ie, uberkernel & govnah configuration?

    I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but wouldn't want to leave it as-is if a newer method brought a necessary change.
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    From what I hear, uberkernel is the safest and most Palm-compliant...
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    Also, the 800 sh kernel is not being updated or maintained, and is not compatible with, .2, .3, or the upcoming update to 1.4.5. The thing about UberKernal is that it will always be updated to work with the next OTA update, and will be safely disabled until it is updated.

    OTOH, if you are not having any issues with it right now, you could just keep running it until the next OTA, then switch to UK/Govnah.
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    Note that if you've left any previous overclocking solution that you did not get from Preware installed when you accepted an OTA webOS update, then you will be advised to do a webOS Doctor before moving to UberKernel and Govnah.

    Basically (as I explained to the author of those packages when they were released, but was vilified for doing so), when you uninstall those non-OTA-safe kernels, they restore an incorrect webOS 1.4.0 LunaSysMgr and break all sorts of things, including Universal Search.

    The recommendation that I give is: If you've ever left a kernel that you did not get from Preware in place during a webOS update, then you should visit the webOS Doctor before the next webOS update arrives, and then install UberKernel and Govnah from Preware.

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