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    there are a couple of things that i want to ask;

    1) i want to use it with t-mobile, can i call att and ask them for unlock code??? and that's the easiest solution to unlock the device???

    2) i will continue, whenever i got the palm pre plus in my hands...
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    AT&T is very doubtfull as they wouldn't even sell me the phone without having an AT&T account. It was funny they wouldn't let me buy a no contract phone without a account.
    I used nextgen server there's a link on this site somewhere, the service works great although slightly expensive for just a unlock.
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    If you are in the US, you can go to eBay and buy one of the unlock code services (Search for Palm Pre Plus GSM unlock codes) availabe there for a "Buy Now" of $19.98.

    Very simple, easy, and, yep, Im using my AT&T Pre Plus on T-Moblie now. The only thing that doesn't work is 3G, of course, but EVDO is just fine when I can't have wifi (which is blazingly fast).
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    My problem is , pre is stucked on language settings screen, I can't move on what should I do? It's trying to set the language more than 10 min.

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