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    Just got my Pre last week. Been a Treo user since the 600.
    Is the keyboard supposed to light each time it is opened then fade out if not needed? Mine lights up sometimes and other time it doesn't; even in total darkness. I did reset, no help. When it lights it is fully lit. I read on another post about upping the brightness, but that did not help I don't think that it the issue. Is there a way to manually start the illumination?
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    get the patch that inverts brightness between screen and keyboard. In the dark, you turn down the screen, which turns up the keyboard. brilliant patch.
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    I thought this pos had a light sensor. My keyboard never changes brightness. Have had to keyboard not turn on when opened a few times. Also had the screen do that (one or the other) a few times.

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    it has a sensor. I just don't like the way it works...

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