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    I dropped my pre and it cracked along the bottom of the screen. I got a new one through phoneclaim and am trying to move pics and music from old one to new one, and remove preware and restore to factory defaults before returning the phone. My problem is that when I plug my phone into my computer the phone pulls up two buttons (at the bottom of the screen, in the section that does not work) asking to just charge or USB Drive. I cant push either button and it does not come up on the computer. Any advice on how to fix or go around this?
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    orange+sym+U = USB mode.

    is that what you are trying to do?
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    Thank you very much. Thats what I needed. I dont know all those shorcuts. Now I can just drag my pictures off onto the computer and hook up my new phone and put them on there? Is it that simple?
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    yes it is that simple. In the future you might want to look into signing up for zumodrive or dropbox you could then sync to the cloud and just reinstall the app and your files would be there. I keep little music on the phone I use ampache mobile so the music never leaves the house. I also sync docs and photos to my zumodrive. Just tips for you.
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    Thanks for the info. Right now I am just trying to get my stuff off old phone and return broken one. Is there an easy way to restore everything to factory defaults and clear any personal info off of the phone before I return it?
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    If the screen is non responsive no. After you remove everything you need and since you have nothing to lose since you are getting a new phone you could try to format the Pre drive while it is in usb mode and see what happens. I have never tried it but if I had a new phone I would try it just to see what happens. The experimenter in me. :-)
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    The top half of the screen is responsive. Just the part below the crack going across bottom third of the screen is non responsive. Everything else about the phone works. If I mess up the "broken" phone harddrive will they hold that against me? I dont want to be charged any fees because something else was messed up besides the screen. I also should remove Preware or not? Im just not sure if their is any personal info that should be deleted from the phone before I return it. Thanks again!
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    Oh then don't do that. That is just me wanting to experiment. Youu can go to Palm website and do a secure erase Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - How to remotely erase your phone

    THis will wipe everything from the Pre according to Palm's website

    Or you can doctor the Pre to wipe everything.
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    you need to search and follow the instructions for a 'bricked pre'.

    I don't recall the details, but you pull the battery, then replace with the volume-up button until a chip icon appears. Then plug on to your pc. At that point you can doctor...
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    fyi, assuming you are already using your new phone... Using the palm remote erase mentioned above would erase your NEW phone. The Doctor is your friend...
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    Good catch workerb33 I didn't realize he was using the new phone already I thought he had to prep it to take it to the store. astarsfan like worker said doctor is your friend to get your personal information off.
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    Thanks again! Thats what I was thinking about it erasing my new phone:0( Ill just Doctor it. I dont think there is any personal info on the phone. just wanted to make sure. Thanks again for all your help guys

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