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    Guys, I already posted this issue before, but I solved it with not installing all patches I had before ..

    But few days ago I had to go to Austria, I wanted GPS and I didn't know could I use it or how to use it, .. so I run preware and GPS (toggle on off mode)...

    Well after that moment I can't write more then 160 letters in 1 sms

    What to do ? I did remove patch, and still nothing, where can I set it up ?

    It is not db3 file, cause there everything is ok, like other networks ..

    Please can anybody help,

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    The SMS standard is 160 characters.

    It is an arbitrary limit and should be removed, but that is just the way it is.

    If you doctor the phone back to original settings, you will still be limited to 160 characters in an SMS message.
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    OP, do you mean that your Pre no longer breaks up a greater than 160 character SMS messages into multiple meesages (1 of n, 2 of n, etc.)?
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    mine still breaks them up
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    Park it is not true. By default it splited into more mesages. It worked fine then stopedThen I installed patch for GPS that has nothing to do with sms. And it stops on 160 char. Please help. Tired of reinstalling webos.
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    patch or no patch the limit for sms is 160 for any carrier or phone. You can stop reinstalling webos because it will not go over 160 for one message.

    HowStuffWorks "How SMS Works"

    What is the maximum length of a SMS?

    Answers to FAQs
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    but jo can type ahead over 160 chars in webos (and nearly any other phone), displaying the number of single smses in the send button. And thats what seems not to be working for kova
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    I know that SMS is 160 chars long, but it doesn't split, I can't write 1 letter (char) after 160 (I do have counter) so I know when will I reach that 160, but it won't split ..

    I set up whole thing again from scratch, installed all patches I wanted, filemngr for auto-correct option, removed that, everything except this one, and I would like to solve this issue, ..

    So if there is any good "angel" to help me with this issue...


    I write SMS, when I get to 160, I can't write anymore, I must send 160 by 160, used to be 160 then split into another, and so on ...

    If i try to send over 160 chars I get message:

    Message Lenght Error

    The message that you have entered is larger than the allowed size.
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