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    So my pre is running like its starting in the special olympics... How can I get this sucker running close to new again?
    First... let's not disparage the Special Olympics here.... second... follow all of the advice above starting with clearing your call logs, clearing your email trash and sent items, and deleting old/long/media intensive SMS threads. If that doesn't get you back to stock speeds then you have some other issue and a Dr. might be a good idea to clear it all up.

    If at stock you don't think it's fast enough, you might consider an overclock with UberKernel and Govnah.

    The only thing I absolutely wouldn't recommend is switching to the EVO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjam99 View Post
    ok, what exactly does this do? (##logs#)
    should you set the level to minimum? never seen this advised before?
    You can change your log settings there. Essentially it reduces or eliminates how often your phone generates logs for troubleshooting.
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