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    please change the double-tap zoom in browser so that it works like Android 2.1

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    What's wrong with the current implementation? I feel it works great.
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    The pre browser just zooms until the words fit the screen and if it's a wide paragraph it will only zoom in a little, the andriod browser actually takes control of the text and reforms it to fill your screen completely. So you can zoom in and the text will keep changing so that it fills the screen no matter what orentation or level of zoom you're at.
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    sounds nice but it works pretty good the way it is . either way would be fine for me .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    That would be nice actually. Though you would probably have much better luck posting a request to Palm on their own forum:

    webOS Software - Palm Support Community
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    I feel the current implementation is much more practical than the Android version.

    I also don't see this changing because of how good it currently is.
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    I don't like the way Android zooms. I was evaluating a Droid Incredible the past few days and it was bugging me the whole time.

    It is impossible to zoom in on 2 columns, so if I want to zoom in on the forum posts I either have to zoom to the column that has the Avatar/User info or zoom to the column the holds the body of the post. With webos I just do a double tap to zoom in on the first column then another double tap for it to zoom out and show both columns evenly on the screen.

    Make sense?
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    To each his own... There are some scenarios where I would love the Android implementation of the double tap zoom, but on the other hand, Palm's version comes in handy as well like NickDG said.

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    Then we would have a android phone. You are aware that the name of our phone is Palm Pre/Plus.
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    Palm's double tap zoom works fine for me too! If I want to selectively zoom in on particular page area I can do that too - I like that the orientation of the phone influences the zoom of the double tap!
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