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    Hey, so I'm brand new to the world of Pre. I just got a Pre+ with AT&T a couple of weeks ago. My only major complaint so far is the lack of Windows Live capability, but I knew about that going into the purchase.

    I assumed I'd be able to use Meebo, as previous discussions on here seem to indicate. But every time I try to use it, I've had problems. I can log in, it remembers my information, and it displays my buddy list essentially successfully. The one issue is that the status menu, where you would pick available/away/invisible/etc is a white box. I can click on it and get a drop-down menu, but it doesn't actually display my current status.

    I've tried IMing a friend once on Meebo, and that also appears to work. It navigates me to a new page with the IM, which is much easier than using iloveim or similar (I've used iloveim successfully, but I hate that little promo thing they put into your display name).

    The problem is when I try to navigate BACK to my buddy list. If I hit the back button, or use the swiping gesture, it takes me back to the login page and tells me that there was a network interruption. It then refuses to log me in until I open a new card with Meebo, and the troubles start all over again.

    I know that there's a patch available to add Windows Live to basic messaging, but while I always considered myself pretty tech-savvy, I have zero programming knowledge and the whole process seems over my head. This is made more complicated by certain circumstances—I have a slightly older OSX, meaning I can't support the correct version of Java, and when I downloaded SoyLatte, I just got confused... so I can't even get started with Homebrew anything.

    I'd be perfectly happy with just Meebo if I could get it to work. Has anyone else had these issues or have any suggestions?

    Alternatively, are there any decent apps out yet that support Windows Live and will run in the background?

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    Are you sure there isn't a button on the mobile page for going back?

    I'm pretty sure Meebo doesn't act like a normal webpage on the mobile phone so pushing back and it going to the login screen makes sense. Just look for some way to head back to the status page and remember not to click the browser's back button (or swipe back).

    Additionally you might try the IM+ solution in the app catalog, though I'm not sure if it's gotten better recently.
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    Ahem. So. That's what that little symbol next to the text-input box that I never wondered about before is for.

    Excuse me while I go re-evaluate the statement about being tech-savvy.


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